Monday, February 6, 2012

The celebration.

This week, aku malas nak menaip panjang-panjang. I will upload more pictures. And this is a-family-celebration-party-with-Arabic-Foods.

Khusyuknyer.....pilih nak makan apa....

Kesian kat aku takder dalam crowd sebab aku yang ambik gambar.

Time nih...dok layan Birthday Song dalam Arabic Language. Semua buat-buat faham walaupun TAK FAHAM!

Our big boss!

Our small boss...he....he...

Hillsburg-Non alcoholic malta drink, all the way from Egypt.

Lamb Khabsa for me and Ateh. Very nice cuisine and for sure just nice for our stomaches.

Chicken Mandy for Cik Lah.

Yang ini aku tak ingat namanya, but, this is for abah.

Also aku tak ingat nama, ordered by Maryam.

Grilled chicken ordered by Nabil. Just imagined, he ate the whole bird!

Chicken Mahshi ordered by ibu. Nafsu tahap melampau diaorang nih...!

Grilled Lamb ordered by my husband. The lamb is so tender.

Mixed grilled.


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