Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Facing the Giants.

I watched the movie as recommended by my sister. I recommended you to watch the movie as well. Please do find this movie thru youtube. I do believe you will get inspired by the movie. I want to share with you about the movie review. The review is taken from Rudytjahjana-Successful Mindset. Thanks  to him for the sharing.

Facing the Giants will teach you how to overcoming great obstacles, something everyone faces and how to celebrates the power of the human spirit to rise above what we think is possible. There are so much thing you can learn from the movie that you can apply it into your daily life to your success.

1. Face your fear

In the movie, there is one good soccer players who want to join the team for football kicker position, but he doesn't want to try because he's so afraid that he couldn't make it into the team. Then, his father said, "what  have you got to lose if you tried", the worst case is you're not in the team, but you're already not in the team anyway, so why don't just give it a try.

Sometimes in our life we want something so bad but we fear we will fail and won't be able to achieve it, then we never do anything about it. Fear is actually normal, but don't let it conquer you. Keep your mind clear and do it anyway, you'll amazed with the results. What have you got to lose anyways?

Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen gave a good definition of fear:


Fear is no more than your fantasized experiences. The reality may be totally different if only you try. What's the worst that could actually happen? Probably less serious than you think.

2. Face your Disbelief

Inside Facing the Giants, Brock couldn't believe that his team could actually win and this is why they always lose, because they have already believed they will lose even trying. But when he and his team-mates got rid of this thinking, they were ready for great things to happen.

The secret is damn simple: If you can't believe the best will happen, it probably will. So, expect and work for the best and nothing less!

Here are my favourite quotes from Facing the Giants:

Coach Taylor: "In order for God to do great things with this team, we need to give Him our best in every area. And if we win,we praise Him; and if we lose we praise Him. Either way. We honor Him with our actions and attitudes."

I love this attitudes, when you praise him no matter what happened in your life, God will blessed you even more. In the movie, there is one match where the team lose the game even they tried their best, they're so disppointed but still praise him. It turns out the enemy cheating during the game and the enemy team got disqualified later on. The bad thing happened in your life is not because of God wants it, if your attitude is still right toward Him, God will help you out.

Coach Taylor: "Your attitude is the aroma of your heart. If your attitude stinks, it means your heart's not right."

Coach Taylor to his wife, Brooke: " If the Lord never gives us children, will you still love Him?"

Probably this is the hardest question in your life as believers, if you want something so  bad and God never gives it to you, will you still love Him? Watch the movie if you want to know what happened when his wife still choose to love Him even though the fact is too hard to accepted.

Coach Taylor: "I feel like there are giants of fear and failure staring down at me waiting to crush me"..."I'm tired of being afraid"

Sometimes, there is time for you to wake up and stand up from your own fear and failure, keeping your fear will not bring you anywhere. Don't let your fear keep sinking and drowning your from your life. It's only your mind mumbling around, don't let it conquer you. Enough is enough, face your own fear. I'll give you one good for sure way to eliminate your fear: Action! Trust me, just start do/move what your fear, and your fear will gone instantly the moment you do it, the longer you wait, the bigger your fear and failure feeling will be.

Coach Taylor: " You can't judge people by their actions, and yourself by your intentions. it doesn't work that way."


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