Thursday, February 10, 2011

Celebrate birthday kat hospital...

Semalam aku rasa tak sedap badan, dada aku macam berdebar-debar. Aku pikir something wrong with my heart. Takut jugaklah since umur dah meningkat and berat badan pun naik. So, aku ajaklah husband aku pegi klinik. Did some check-ups and the doctor said my blood pressure tak stabil. My pulse pulak low. She suggested me to do ECG kat specialist hospital.

Then, we went to Shah Alam Medical Centre (SALAM) since I have my record there. Kat sana pun, doktor cakap my blood pressure tak stabil and he suggested me to admit ward. Unfortunately, ladies' wards are not available. So, the doctor asked me to find other hospitals.

At last, we went to Darul Ehsan Medical Centre (DEMC). This hospital also my husband's panel. giler hospitalnya. Bak kata si Maryam,"Macam hotel lah hospital nih!". I did ECG test and AlhamduliLLAH...nothing is wrong with my heart. Check punya check and lastly the doctor said actually I have gastric. Sakit, beb....! Ingatkan tak sakit. He gave me medicine to swallow. Nak tahu, doktor yang examined aku nih hensem bak kata si Maryam. Aku cakap,"Doctor, my daughter said that you are handsome!". Ketawa berdekah-dekahlah dia."Luckily, I didn't bring my camera. Then only, I will take your photo and put into my personal blog". Usik aku, terkembang-kembang hidungnya menahan malu.

This year, aku celebrate malam birthday kat hospital. Kih...kih...kih...!

Aku suggest pegi this private hospital (kalau ada duit lebih) sebab amenities and services are excellent. But unfortunately, aku tak bawak camera. Kalau tak, boleh aku take photos. Tapi, aku ada download sket the pic from their website. For more further informations, just log on to their website,

Bok Siti Kopitiam

Flourist Shop

Therapeutic Garden

Mak Hawa Cafe

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