Sunday, January 30, 2011

Susahnya to be a good mother!

Pernah tak sometimes korang rasa stress sangat dengan our kids? Hmmm...for me, to be a good mother memang susah. I have two kids, one girl and one boy. Even though, they are sharing the same womb...but they both have two different characters. Pening jugakla kepala aku nih. Aku ni pulak jenis yang cepat naik angin jer. But luckily, my husband will tune me down.

For the first three years, I have to explore and learn more on my kids' behaviours. Especially, Maryam. She's my first kid I have. I'm 25 years old when I'm holding  my   first baby. It is sooooo....awkward! I was crying  on the first day I gave birth to Maryam. Stress sangat. Tak tahu kenapa, even though I was so excited waiting for Maryam to be delivered. I have to stand for the pain due to the ceasereans. But my husband helps me a lot thru those days. Million, million thanks to my beloved husband!

Maryam nih jenis yang agak degil, but she likes to speak it out. Takder yang simpan-simpan punya. Let's say, aku quarrel with my husband (selalunya for the simple things)...and then she started to blame me and husband for that arguments. E.g,"mommy nih...selalu cakap kuat dengan babah. Berdosa, nanti tak masuk syurga". Most of the times, she will blame me not my husband. Mulanya aku rasa macam nak marah jugaklah sebab asyik aku jer yang kena. But then, why don't I take it as a reminder for me? Aku suka statement, "nanti tak masuk syurga". Bukankah seorang isteri memang tak patut meninggikan suara pada suaminya?  Bukankah  syurga seorang isteri itu terletak pada suaminya?

Maryam suka kalau aku approachnya dengan cara berlembut. Lagi aku marah, lagi dia akan protes. That's the way she is. It is different with my  son, Ibrahim. Ibrahim ni jenis yang vulnerable. Fragile, gitu...! So, I have to switch my moods with these two kids. Minda letih, beb..! Itulah bukan senang nak jadi senang. Maksudnya, we have to sacrifice a lot untuk bersenang hati with our kids in future. Jangan pulak nanti kita bersusah hati dengan anak-anak bila sudah tua nanti. We cannot direct the winds, but we can adjust the sails.

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