Sunday, November 7, 2010

All my secrets...OneRepublic!

This is my favourite group music...OneRepublic. They are so brilliant in music arrangements. Aku suka sangat dengar all of their songs because all musical instruments included in the arrangements. Best sangat...ada violin, piano, drum, guitar etc. And, they also write for almost of the songs and produced the songs by themselves. Their vid clip pun aku suka tengok. Sempoi...jer. They are among the talented groups la yang aku tahu. Aku nih layan jugak musics semua, tapi so far I can manage minat aku nih. Sebab, kalau tak boleh manage, then something will happen. Musics nih kan melalaikan. And one of the agendas yang Yahudi nak jatuhkan Muslim ialah thru entertainments. So, we have to be extra careful with these agendas.

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